HID 140 Lance

It may be small, but the 140 LANCE can be a wise choice! In a compact package, this is the answer. 

HID 170 Striker

The mid-size 170 STRIKER™ outperforms many larger lights and is one of our most popular models worldwide.

HID Genesis

A rugged off road light dressed for life in the city. 

HID 240 Blitz

The 240 BLITZ™ was our first true long distance light and began our reputation for high performance and light intensity.


The 240 XGT is built on the award winning HID type housing and mounting system.


The latest innovation in driving lights, Lightforce HID lights offer unbeatable performance and light output, while saving your battery's energy and helping to protect against melting! 

The modular filter system for tuneable light control and an unshakable four position mount puts big light performance in reach of all.