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FATBE takes more crowns!
Feb 7, 2012

Chad Silvey, owner of the very schmick FATBE ute recently made the trip over to SA to compete at the Glenelg Ute show on Australia Day and Autofest in Mount Gambier.  FAT4BE got a second placing in the 4WD class, (he doesn't think any modifications he had would of got him the first place trophy, an awesome Ford F250 took the crown). As for Autofest in Mount Gambier, he picked up the trophy for Best 4WD / pick-up in the showcar section, and they were extremely surprised but over the moon. Thanks for the update Chad!

Beware of Dodgy Online Sellers!
Dec 15, 2011

Australian 4WD enthusiasts run the risk of being stranded on the open road as a result of inferior driving lights being sold online.  Lightforce has discovered that imposters have been modifying genuine Lightforce halogen lights with non-genuine upgrade kits and selling them online as HID lights.

The dodgy products are advertised at well below cost price.  We urge online bargain-hunters not to be fooled by these cheap products on the market.

The modified lights available online contain cheap, poor-quality Chinese-made ballasts and bulbs that aren’t made for Lightforce lights.  These modifications are virtually undetectable when viewing online photographs posted by the sellers, but using them will seriously compromise the quality, performance, output, longevity and reliability of your driving lights – not to mention your safety.

The only way to ensure you are getting genuine Lightforce lights is to visit a registered Lightforce dealer.  As the saying goes … you get what you pay for – make sure you buy Australian to outlast the Australian conditions!

70 Watt HID Handheld review continued!
Dec 13, 2011

Mario from Kruger 2 Kalahari dropped us a small testimonial regarding the lights he tested (see post below for the full review).  Here is what he had to say:

The Lightforce Blitz 240 HID spotlight on Safari

Waterholes in most Southern African national parks are situated quite close to the chalets - in the region of 50 metres so that most spotlights and camera flashes can reach the subjects. But then there are the exceptions such as Kieliekrankie wilderness camp in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa, where the waterhole is about 120 metres away, and Dolomite camp in Etosha National Park, Namibia where the waterhole is a whopping 300 meters away!
Our old spotlights simply could not reach this far with clarity but for the new Lightforce Custom Built Blitz 70W HID 240 with Xenon bulb these distances are no challenge - we found the beam could reach over 1000 metres! 
In addition to this superior candlepower, the light is white which makes for much better photographs in terms of colour and clearness.
The photograph of the cheetah was taken at Kieliekrankie wilderness camp - the Lightforce Custom Built Blitz 70W HID provided light for us to focus our camera and to light up the whole waterhole while our camera flash provided some fill flash on the subject.
The pride of lions drinking was taken at Dolomite waterhole in Etosha - the Lightforce Custom Built Blitz 70W HID spotlight was the only source of light. We could not use a flash due to the distance and had to ensure that the camera was very stable when taking the photograph.
Without the Lightforce Custom Built Blitz 70W HID spotlight we would not be able to capture such photographs while on our African safaris.


70 Watt HID handheld review!
Dec 12, 2011

We recently had our Custom Built 70W HID handheld spotlight tested in South Africa and it came back as "the best safari light!" - this is a great rap for Lightforce and Custom Built! It was tested by trusted Safari veterans Kruger to Kalahari so we know they would have put it through its paces.  Have a read of the full review here

Read Full Review

Mazda BT-50 wins Drive Car of the Year 2011 Best Ute!
Nov 25, 2011

Congrats to Mazda Australia for winning Drive Car of the Year 2011 Best Ute with their new BT-50! Lightforce is proud to have been working with Mazda on their Genuine Accessories for the BT-50, with our Genesis light being a great fit!

Drive Car of the Year 2011 Best Ute Article

Lightforce teams up with Mazda!
Nov 21, 2011

Some of you might already be aware, but Lightforce has teamed up with Mazda to provide them with our authentic Australian Genesis lights for the all new BT 50. Lightforce are really proud of this association and pleased as punch to feature so much in their latest commercial! Take a look

Mazda BT-50 Commercial

HID lights brave the Simpson Desert!
Oct 31, 2011

We recently got a pretty good mention in Toby Bosschieter's blog after his trip through the Simpson Dessert. Toby was using some of our best HID lights for his trip, and I bet he is glad he was!  Have a read, Toby has a pretty good regular blog which has a range of 4WDing stories you might be interested in!


HID at Eastern Creek!
Oct 6, 2011

We had some record HID sales at the recent Eastern Creek Field Days in NSW.  Our sales reps were really happy with how many punters were buying the HID lights - looks like lots of people out there know their stuff! Here a couple of pictures of the show.

HID takes off with David Vayro
Oct 6, 2011

David Vayro's ute looks schmick with new Lightforce lights on the top and front.  Custom built 70W HIDs are on the front with 50 watters on the top of the vehicle - can't wait to see them all lit up David!